🧝🏻‍♀️ 50 Free Fantasy Coloring Pages for Adults - Printable

🧝🏻‍♀️ 50 Free Fantasy Coloring Pages for Adults - Printable

If you are looking for detailed fantasy coloring pages then we have the post for you. We have dragons, elves, castles, wizards, witches, orcs, goblins, mages, fairies and even a hobbit.

Dragon on Top of a Castle

From above you hear a shriek like no other you have heard before. You turn your gaze to the Castle and see a huge dragon perching on the keep. Game of Thrones anyone?

Warrior Mouse

This one reminds me of the amazing Robin Jarvis books. A fearsome warrior riding a magical rock commanding her troops before battle.

Warrior Fairy with Dragonfly Wings

This is no normal fairy. She is from a tribe of Dragonfly fairies who can communicate with plants.

Fairy Princess Sat on a Throne of Roots

The fairies have all gathered in a glade. From the sky you see a clump of roots slowly descend, revealing the Fairy princess Aeolia.

Wizard Conjuring Spells

This wizard is looking into your soul and all of a sudden all sorts of creatures, lights, noises and smoke seem to appear as if from nowhere. Revealing to you the true power of this wizard.

Aged Goblin Rummaging in a Dungeon

Deep in the dungeon, you hear noises from the shadows. You move your torch closer and see a ghastly face peering at you.

Goblin Sat in a Castle Window

Maiden Sitting on the Rocks

Wizard Casting Spells in the Moonlight

Wizard Casting Spells by a Full Moon

Unicorn Running Through a Meadow

Giant Eagle Perched on a Rock

Giant Griffin Perched on a Rock

Magical Castle on a Woodland

An Inventor's Castle Surrounded by a Moat

Princess's Castle on a Stream

A Phoenix Rising from the Flames

A Great Hall Filled with Wizards and Mages

Two Dragons Attacking

A Dragon Fighting a Knight (and Winning)

Dragon with Mutant Dragon

Horde of Crazed Goblins

Angry Goblins Charging into Battle

Fairy Sat on Tree Roots

Young Fairy with a Castle in the Background

Flower Fairy

Angry Giant Holding a Tree Club

Town of the People

Fairy-folk Town

Town in the Hills

Paladin Fighting a Dragon

Knight Riding a Horse

Knight Riding a Horse into Battle

High Elf Warrior in the Woods

Woodland Elf Warrior

High Elf in Dark Woods

Dark Mage Casting Dark Spells

Dwarf Leather Worker

Dwarf Working at a Table

Dwarf Blacksmith in his Smithy

Dwarf Landlord

Hobbit Entering his Hobbit Hole

Wizard Using his Crystal Ball

Wizard Casting Spells at Night

Goblins Sat in a Cauldron

Dragon Attacking a Castle

Dragon Attacking a Castle on a Mountain Top

Orc Warrior Battle Cry

Orc Charging into Battle

Two Wood Elf Archers in the Woods

Two Wood Elf Archers