🚚 How To Remove Background in Midjourney

Either you want an image with no background or you already have an image you love but don't want the background. Let me show you how to solve this.

🚚 How To Remove Background in Midjourney

In this article, I am going to show you how you can remove the background from a Midjourney image.

Can You Remove the Background?

In short, no. Midjourney does not produce images with a transparent background.

The way we get around that is one of two ways:

  1. Produce an image in Midjourney with a solid colour background (and remove using third-party tools)
  2. Produce an image in Midjourney and remove the background using third-party tools

If you haven't already noticed, third-party tools are really the way to remove the background in Midjourney but learning how to prompt Midjourney to produce "no background" is a good start.

Produce "No Background" Images in Midjourney

This is simple when you prompt Midjourney to produce an image with "no background".

Other good prompts to make sure there is no background are:

  • no background
  • solid [colour] background
  • plain background
  • white background
  • black background

The image actually does have a background it is just a solid white or black background but it has the same effect.

This is generally pretty reliable at getting good results but sometimes some extra details slip in...

How to remove background in Midjourney using prompts

To counter this, you can use negative prompts to let Midjourney know not to include those things:

  • --no background
  • --no shadows

This will generally produce better results (still with some minor details out of place):

How to remove background in Midjourney using negative prompts

I don't want you to think that this is at all consistent, it is not.

For some reason, no matter how hard you try, Midjourney will continue to spit out backgrounds in your images.

When that happens we bring in the big guns...the background removal tools.

How To Create A Transparent Background

There are a ton of tools around that will remove backgrounds for you.

Photoroom has an excellent free background remover. All you have to do is drop the image into the site's UI and it does the job super fast.

There is also remove.bg if you are looking for another option.

I also have a Canva account and use their in-built background remover if I am working on some graphics of any kind just because it is easier to do it all in one interface.

So Midjourney Can't Do "No Background"

Strictly no, but now you can produce all the images you want in Midjourney knowing full well that if you need to you can whip that background out as quick as a flash.