🥩 What is RAW Mode in Midjourney and How to Use It (With Pictures)

If you're looking for a slightly less stylized and "manicured" image from Midjourney, look no further than RAW mode.

What is RAW Mode in Midjourney and How to Use It (With Pictures)

In this article, I show you what RAW mode is and how to use it.

What is RAW mode?

Raw mode enables you, with the help of the Midjourney bot, of course, to produce images that appear more natural and less refined. Creating a more natural photographic feel to the end result.

How Do You Use Raw Mode?

There are two ways to activate RAW mode in Midjourney;

  1. Manually use the "--style RAW" parameter in your prompt
  2. Switch to Midjourney V5.1 in the settings.

Using raw mode manually in your prompt will enable you to switch in and out of it easily.

How to use raw mode within your prompt as a parameter

Using the settings to switch to Midjourney v5.1 will switch RAW mode on for all images produced by default.

How to switch to MJv5.1 in settings to activate Midjourney

Both have their upsides. I personally prefer to use it in my prompt as and when I like.  

Example of raw mode in Midjourney
a candid portrait of an old man sipping a glass of water in a bar with a blurry backdrop of the bar neon signs, captured using a Nikon D850 DSLR with an 85mm lens --style raw
If you are looking to take greater control of your images, then consider using the stylize, weird, and stop parameters.

Greater Control of Images

The real advantage of the Raw mode in Midjourney is that it allows you to give more detailed prompts that Midjourney takes and uses in a more natural way.

This means that you can get more predictable results.

This is brilliant, especially when you combine all the parameters, and knowledge of cinematic shots, cameras, art styles, mediums etc. The Midjourney world is your oyster.